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  • Our business depends on referrals from our clients. 

  • Listening to your concerns and understanding your business comes first. 

  • We strive to develop a plan where you control your information, not us.

  • We can do all the work necessary to get you up and running.  

  • We are here to assist you in maintaining your network. 

  • We don't expect you to be experts in our field.

  • Your satisfaction means we both sleep better at night! 

The depth of knowledge required for my network was daunting - until a colleague told me about The BIT Works.  I was complaining about my lack of understanding to him and he recommended Jesse's group to us.  All I can say is, a year later, I forgot I had an issue with that and now I can concentrate on my business.  They are just a phone call away! - James P. - Owner - 2017

I have to admit, I have never trusted IT.  It's expensive and illusive!  That was until I met Jesse.  There is nothing that can replace the feeling of understanding the black-magic that goes on in the background.  Not only did we get our software and hardware under control but we are much more informed about how it works in a way even I can understand it.  That is saying a lot.  I really didn't think it was possible.  - Theresa G. - President/CEO - 2018

"The BIT Works is a high-integrity operation.  They deliver exactly what they say they will and they make sure we understood what and why we were buying.  Jesse is an outstanding technical leader and communicates constantly.  Our automation and software has improved 100% since we contracted his company to correct our network and workflows.  He's like one of the family now!"

Jeffery F. - CIO - 2014

"A year ago today we were falling over ourselves trying to grow.  Jesse helped us get our processes in order and our network flying!  I do sleep better now knowing what my business is doing and we are growing with much less pain now!  In retrospect, the investment was minimal with regard to the returns we've experienced."

Debbie L. - President/CEO - 2015

"Jesse took the mumbo-jumbo out of all our electronics and the server room has never looks so good!  I can't tell you what a relief it is knowing that things are backed up and operating properly and the documentation is outstanding.  He explained everything in a way even a CEO could understand it!"

Joseph B. - CEO - 2013

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