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Two decades before "Information Technology" was ever a "buzz phrase", The BIT Works was driving innovations in connecting all the dots in Information Transfer and Handling.  Managing and protecting your information is what we have been doing for years.

AI        VoIP       VPN        WiFi        DNS      SQL       AM/FM/GIS  

Custom Programming - Reports/Applications

We do more than networks.  We cover your entire business:  

  • Virtual Work Environments

  • Document the Network and Infrastructure

  • Servers, Routers and Switches and all Infrastructure

  • Hosted Cloud Services and Email Services

  • Integrate Wireless Services 

  • Backup and Fail-over

  • VoIP Equipment and Training

  • Create and Implement Process Controls



We service most maintenance events remotely for super fast response times.

Large or small, we service legal, dental, real estate offices, commercial businesses and large multi-office corporations as well as the lone-ranger just trying to get'er done!


The Bit Works has over twenty five years of experience.  

We specialize in providing custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of small to medium businesses. With our extensive experience in all aspects of physical infrastructure and data capture and management, we offer comprehensive services designed to optimize your operations and drive success.  Call us now for a FREE consultation:  (559) 676-3434

"Is it possible, in this day and age, to understand where my data is and how is it protected?  Is it protected?  Can I get it back if I have a ransomware event?  What did I just spend my precious capital on and how long will that last?  If you have these questions, call these guys.  I've never felt so comfortable with my infrastructure and data as I do today after 12 years of the high-tech run around!"

Thevlin C. - President/CEO - 2023

Insurance Industry Professional

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